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If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. - Lewis Carrol

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

You should. Why?Otherwise, how can you create something that can benefit someone that you don't know? How do you know their needs? Their wants?

Answering everyone is trying to please everybody. It's an impossible mission.
If you try to please everyone you'll undermine the very thing that makes your product unique. Or worse, you'll create mediocrity. Even if you're trying to save the planet: you won't please everyone. There's always someone that won't like what you're doing.

I can hear you say: "In this though economy, my ideal customer is everyone who is willing to pay for my product!"

Take Patek Philippe's example. Patek Philippe is a premium watch brand with the following customer slogan:

The pictures in this article are an example of Patek Philippe's advertising. The ads clearly show that they know who their ideal customer is: family oriented wealthy man with a desire to create a legacy. Sure, even if you're not a family oriented wealthy man with a desire to create a legacy, you can still buy a Patek Philippe watch, if you have the money. However, it would be a lot more difficult for a family oriented wealthy man with a desire to create a legacy to buy just one more regular watch that is the cheapest in the market, is occasionally on-time and even saves dolphins.

Just like Patek Philippe, it's YOU who decide who your customer is.
It's only after making this important decision that you can adapt every marketing variable to fit your ideal customer's profile.
It's only after knowing their problems that you can find ways to help them succeed!
It's only after knowing their needs that you can show them how your product can benefit them!
It's only after knowing who they are that you can write a presentation that can really persuade them and motivate them to do business with you!

If you can see your ideal customer, take a moment and listen to them. Get to know them. And then find ways to be helpful. Money is the applause you get at the end.

That's The Rabbit Way.

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