About us

About The Rabbit Way

Coelho is the Portuguese word for Rabbit.


The Rabbit Way's mission is to unleash your full potential and inspire you to change the World!


LOVE is the reason The Rabbit Way was born. It's love what makes us dedicated to serve our clients with enthusiasm. We believe that without love it's impossible to be truly great at one's art.

FAMILY represents the foundations of The Rabbit Way. We believe that good family relationships influence great results. Therefore, we are dedicated to turn our visitors into clients and, finally, to become part of The Rabbit Way family.

COURAGE to never settle with what we achieved but always challenge the status quo through innovation. Courage to accept that we will make mistakes but we're continuously looking to learn from each and every one of them.

Meet the Team

Bruno Coelho

Bruno Coelho is the founder and CEO of The Rabbit Way.

He's a Portuguese entrepreneur, with a degree in Informatic Engineering, pursuing a Masters in Management with a Love for Marketing, Branding, Innovation, Leadership, Customers and Entrepreneurship.

He's in the business of unleashing people's creativity and inspiring them to change the world!

If you want to know more about him or his way of looking at business and life, you should check The Rabbit Way's Blog and the OnInnovation Blog.

Carla Coelho

Carla Coelho is the co-founder and CTO of The Rabbit Way.

Her professional experience is based on meeting, leading, learning and working with different kind of people and ages helping them with their problems, fears, conflicts, joys and victories by listening, supporting and confronting them.

Using her experience and know-how in Psychology and NeuroPsychology, her mission is to analyze, understand and identify the profile of Employees and Clients so Companies can improve their business performance by creating high motivated employees and turning customers into fans.