Magic in Business

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Have you ever told a friend something like this: "Yesterday I went to dinner in this regular restaurant. The customer service was regular and the food was normal! Yes. It was a nice experience."

We don't share normal or regular experiences. The moments that we share the most are the magical ones. The ones that fascinate us. The ones that blow our expectations away. If you're in business, any business, from the C-level executive to the doorman, your mission is to make magic happen.

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Magic is the art of defying reality.

But what is real? Isn't real our perception of what we experience? If this is true, if you target your customer's perception of your brand, you will make magic happen! Think about Disney. They are in the Happiness and Magic business. Their goal is to make every interaction with them a magical moment!
How can you make magic in business?

Here's some ideas:
  • Make your customer's pain disappear.
  • Transform your customer support focus from finding who's to blame to finding the solution.
  • Instead of crying for your customers attention try to listen to them first and deliver that extra unexpected touch that will make the difference.
  • Make every customer visit to your shop unique and memorable.
  • Remember that we have 5 senses. Use all of them in your customer experience
Think how you can deliver a magical customer experience and you'll turn your customers into fans!

And you? How do you make magic happen?
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