TagSystem = Organization + Productivity

Finding files in the hierarchical structure of a file system can be a real challenge. The time that you spend looking for files could be used in more productive ways.

I've tried to organize better my file system incorporating methodologies like GTD. The results improved but I thought that they could be even better.

I needed something that was better than searching.

Let me show you how I improved my organization skills and my productivity.

The problem

The problem with the file system's hierarchical structure is that a file can only be associated in one folder. However, a file is typically associated with more than one context. And many times the contexts associated with that file are completely unrelated.

The solution

With a TagSystem you can achieve all this and more.

With a TagSystem you don't have to worry where to store the file in the file sytem. You only have to set all the contexts or tags associated with that file. Example: "Productivity, Blog, Article, Pictures".

The implementation

I'm using Tag2Find to implement the TagSystem solution and it works like magic!

Every time a new file is stored in your hard drive, Tag2Find shows you a dialog so you can easily insert the tags associated with that file.

The fun part begins when you start searching for the files that you've tagged:

Once you start entering a context, all files associated with that context appear. Need to access it in your file system? Right click it and choose "Open in Explorer". Need to refine your Tag Search Results? Simply enter more contexts.

This way you can stay organized and escape the hierarchical file system hell structure.

What about you?

How do you keep your file system organized to improve your productivity?

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