A Way of Life

"There are many things in life that will capture your eye, but only a few will capture your heart....pursue those."
Michael Nolan

Someone recently asked my a simple question: what The Rabbit Way is all about. Well, to put it simply The Rabbit Way is a way of life and it's based on three simple pillars:

Three Portuguese words meaning Amor=Love; Família=Family; Coragem=Courage.

Those three words are hand-written by me and my wife on a painting displayed at our house entrance to remind us who we are, why we exist and why we do what we do. However, if you truly want to understand the meaning of these three words, I need to tell you a true story: mine.


The Rite of Innovation

Russian composer Igor Stravinsky (1882–1971), ...Igor Stravinsky via Wikipedia

Let me introduce to you a man who revolutionized the world of ballet & music: Mr. Igor Stravinsky.

I want to show you what you can learn from him, use it to innovate and change the World!


Books on my mind

Those are some of the books that are a part of who I am.

It's interesting to notice how it shows my evolution from pure software development to the world business, marketing and presentations.

I guess that you can tell a lot about a person by the books on the person's bookshelf.

And what about you? Any books on your mind?


Next financial crisis October 2011?

Since 2008 that the World is facing one of the most brutal crisis in recent History. It started as a financial crisis, turned into an economic crisis and finnaly a social crisis.

But is it over? I don't think so.

If you follow the currency exchange markets you'll see that, if things keep up at this pace, we will reach the same tipping point of 2008 around October 2011.


Portugal, a Geração à Rasca e a Crise - Parte 2

O comentário após a manifestação da "Geração à Rasca", fechando a visão que apresentei em "Portugal, a Geração à Rasca e a Crise"