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"There are many things in life that will capture your eye, but only a few will capture your heart....pursue those."
Michael Nolan

Someone recently asked my a simple question: what The Rabbit Way is all about. Well, to put it simply The Rabbit Way is a way of life and it's based on three simple pillars:

Three Portuguese words meaning Amor=Love; Família=Family; Coragem=Courage.

Those three words are hand-written by me and my wife on a painting displayed at our house entrance to remind us who we are, why we exist and why we do what we do. However, if you truly want to understand the meaning of these three words, I need to tell you a true story: mine.

How it all started

Meet young Bruno Coelho. By the way, Coelho is the Portuguese word for Rabbit.

I was 10 years old and in the 5th grade!
It was my first day in a new school.

I still remember staring petrified at the cold school's gates. It was the first time that I was going to leave my family to discover the World. My family gave me no special guidelines to follow except what I already witness until that moment: "above all else... be yourself and remember that Love conquers all!".

Simple words. Simple but, just like I was about to realize, powerful words.

My school was no easy place to be.Kids can be very brutal to each other. And I'm not talking about only physical violence (also known as bullying) but also about psychological violence. Just like everyone else, I simply wanted to fit in and to have a great time with everybody but that was not an easy task.

My fellow 5th grade colleagues. Introducing, in the last row, next to the jumping kid, Bruno; Caipira and Alvaro. I'm wearing a yellow shirt on the first row (3rd from the right).

Looking at my photo and notice how I looked like. I could be literally eaten alive. To survive I couldn't rely on brute force because I didn't have any. Then I figured out that, if I wanted to survive, I needed to rely on what I do best: positive persuasion.

I looked for the most tough guys of the whole school and gave them a reason to like me and protect me from everyone else. I will never forget their names: Bruno, Alvaro e Caipira.
I invite you to look at my photo once again and imagine that kid talking to the most brutally tough kids on the block about how they wanted to protect him from everyone else. They just didn't know it yet.

I mean, why would they want to do that?

The answer is shockingly simple. Until that moment they saw no point in school or everyone else for that matter. The only way they knew how to live was through pain and suffering. Until I entered their lives, they didn't have nothing to lose. Everyone one around them had give up on them. They all said that they were losers and unworthy of being successful.

I showed them another way to live. I showed them that the only way to lose is if they gave up trying. They could prove everybody wrong. I gave them something they couldn't afford to lose and that is why they protected me above everyone else. I showed them that success is a choice between bullying the World around them or changing it for the better!

I showed them what teachers at the time had give up trying: the value of what they were learning in school and how it should matter to them. I helped them build up the courage to pull an apparent impossible stunt like this.

We started studying together and I taught them how to turn complex things into simple ones. And you know what: we did it! Without cheating! They tried to copy my answers but I didn't let them do it or it would ruin the whole point I was trying to make: they could be winners if they worked hard enough and had faith in themselves!

Result: for the first time ever they didn't fail the tests!

Our teachers couldn't believe what was going on and I, for the first time ever, experienced something incredible. Incredible enough to pursue for the rest of my life: helping other people find their inner strengths and help them succeed!

So you can have an idea of the powerful positive effect of this experience, more than 15 years later I met Alvaro, who's working as a pizza delivery guy, and he still remembered me and all that we did back then!

Why should you care?

Since my early days as a student through my professional career path, I've met many people like my three fifth grade friends: a ton of wasted potential trapped in, what I like to call, The Ugly Duckling Paradox!

You should care about this because we're living on the most competitive times ever. Greed mixed with ineptitude from the financial system has destroyed the dreams and lives of millions of people around the World.
The ugly truth is this: everybody knows how we got here but nobody knows how to get out of here! So many time wasted talking about the problem and so little talking about solutions! And if we don't unite and do something about it... no one else will. You can't afford not to do it!

I want you to be successful!

The Rabbit Way's mission is to help YOU escape "The Ugly Duckling Paradox", unleash your innovation and inspire you to change the World!

The Ugly Duckling Paradox is a system that shapes you into the same format as everyone else. It's a duck factory. Starting when we're just born, our society surrounds us with written and unwritten rules and concepts of what's possible and impossible. What's right and wrong. What you should do and what you shouldn't. This powerful suggestions are stored deep in our conscious and unconscious mind.

The bad joke is that after YEARS and years of living in this duck factory system you ask a very important question:

"How am I going to be successful?"

And what's the answer from the gurus and all the articles that you relentless read every day and night in search for the answer? They answer: just think different; just do it; differentiate or die!

But how are you supposed to do this if ALL your life you were told that you're a duck? Well... are you? I guess not! The Ugly Duckling Paradox is this system that raises you to be a duck when you're something else: a swan or, in my case, a rabbit! 

The reason The Rabbit Way exists is to help you discover what makes you unique and empower you to be yourself! When you understand how to leverage your unique strengths and manage your weakness you become much more successful! When you realize where your heart is and create an action plan to make it happen, you'll become much more happier and passionate about your life!

How am I going to make this happen?

The Rabbit Way does this in fundamentally three ways: raising awareness and our persuasion services.

Raising awareness by democratizing knowledge

We raise awareness to things that might pass unnoticed but that you should pay attention to.

We help you see things the way they are and see them the way they could be.

Our blog articles and live presentations are written & designed to give you a fresh new perspective of what could make the difference between being good and great!

The Rabbit Way of Persuasion

"Not brute force but only persuasion and faith are the kings of this world."
Thomas Carlyle

It doesn't matter how you good you really are if your audience doesn't see you as great! That's the role of persuasion and that's also why I'm launching a scientific investigation that will show you how persuasion really works online at TheRabbitWay.com. The goal of this investigation is to study the science behind the art of persuasion!

The Rabbit Way of Persuasion is a presentation production platform that helps you write meaningful content, design memorable presentations, train your speaking skills and deliver persuasive presentations. We are  partners of Sliderocket, a tech company that reinvented how presentations should be made on the web.

One of the most interesting things about of this platform is the mix of my 6 years of software engeniring in the web development business with my wife's experience in the neuropsychology field. All this to give only what professional experience and true scientific research can deliver: results.


Above all else, The Rabbit Way is a way of life based on three things called: Love, Family and Courage.

Love is the reason The Rabbit Way was born. It's love what makes us dedicated to serve our clients with enthusiasm. We believe that without love it's impossible to be truly great at one's art.

Family represents the foundations of The Rabbit Way. We believe that good family relationships influence great results. Therefore, we are dedicated to turn our visitors into clients and, finally, to become part of The Rabbit Way family.

Courage to never settle with what we achieved but always challenge the status quo through innovation. Courage to accept that we will make mistakes but we're continuously looking to learn from each and every one of them.

This is The Rabbit Way.

What's yours?

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