Leadership is about building leaders

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Multi-billion dollar business genius Donald Trump and two of his sons that are being coached by The Donald himself to become great leaders of The Trump organization.

As a leader you are constantly challenged with important decisions to make. The most important decisions are the ones that involve your followers.

Your success as a leader is measured by the results of those you lead. Thus, planning for successors is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure your company's ongoing success.

So the question is: are you building leaders?

Building leaders is about making daily choices. Here's a simple sample:
  • You can choose to keep all your knowledge to yourself or share it with those you trust.
  • You can choose to let them work with their current skills or empower them with the tools they need to succeed.
  • You can choose to tell them what to do and disappear or you can be the example of the leader you want them to be.
  • You can choose to let them be ducks that all they do is quack about problems to their superiors or you can make them become eagles focused on finding solutions to the customer.
The main reason that so many leaders don't build successors is because they think that leadership is about power. They think that leadership is about what's written in their business card. With this mindset a successor is seen as a potential threat.

Great leaders understand that they leadership isn't about power. It's about serving the right people and achieving great results. It's not about what's written in their business card but it's about they influence others with their leadership point of view.

How can you build a platform for building leaders?

Leadership starts with leading yourself. It begins by answering three simple questions:
  • who you are?
  • whose you are?
  • are you the example?
Then, it evolves into one-on-one leadership. It's about sharing your leadership point of view with one person at a time. It's about knowing them. Their strengths and weaknesses. However, always remember that it's their choice to follow your vision or not.

After you've build a relationship based on trust and on you leadership culture, you go to the next level: team leadership. In this stage you combine each team member's strengths and weaknesses to build a high performance team. You set clear & measurable goals, praise them when they achieve them and redirect them when they go off track.

The last stage is combining different teams into an organizational structure that is prepared for growth because each team is a platform for building leaders.

If you aren't building great leaders you're not really leading.

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