Analog vs Digital Business Management

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We're living surround by an ever growing digital world.

Analog activities are becoming less relevant and replaced by their digital counterparts. The ultimate example of this is letters being replaced by e-mail. With 90 trillion emails sent on the Internet in 2009, who still writes a letter these days?

Why is analog still relevant and how can we leverage it to become more competitive?

1. We are analog

In spite of all this, we still process and react to analog signals using our five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Writing a hand written note to a customer is a proof that you value their importance and it's a unique way to differentiate your business from your competitors.

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Yesterday, I've went to dinner with my wife at Block House, a steak restaurant. The first thing the waiter did was to sign a card that said: "Your happiness is the reason I exist".

The analog unique signature represented that this person truly cared about us. Although the restaurant was at full capacity he still took the time to sign the card. Additionally, this employee knew his role inside the company. How many businesses can be proud of this?

2. Digital is overrated

Everyone can copy your digital signal but your analog signal is unique. This means that every "analog" interaction that you have with your customers is unique, so take advantage of it and engage your customers.

At the end of our dinner the waiter wrote a hand written note saying how important was our visit to the restaurant and he also invited us to show up again. This is what I call customer service and turning your customers into fans. Yes, it involves time and effort but simple things like this can make all the difference. How can you afford not to do this?

3. Back to the primitive

We're all desperate to be unique. Yet we use mass marketing promotion tools. Yet we use mass product distribution. Yet we use the same signature on all of our e-mails.

Think about this: if you send the same message to every client. If you treat every client the same how can you expect to be unique? Sometimes it's as easy as personalizing your customer service to treat every customer as an individual with specific concerns and features.
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The industrial era is over. We're living the personalization era. You have to be global but still able to personalize your product or service. Think about Amazon. They've implemented a global operation that uses technology to understand each client specific needs to deliver target promotion campaigns.

I hope that you include analog approaches into your business and change the world.

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What's yours?

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