True Leadership isn't about the Leader

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Recently, I've read an article, wrote by Marshall Goldsmith, that I consider brilliant about Leadership. The focus of this article isn't about the Leader but the Team of followers.

The article has the following great quote: "The best leader, the people do not notice. When the best leader's work is done, the people say, 'We did it ourselves.'" .

This is the top level of leadership. Great leaders influence and persuade people to go from point A to point B on their own! Why we don't see this level of leadership more often?

Find out how you can achieve true leadership and change the world!

In order achieve true leadership, the leader has to let go of his EGO. This is could be a hard thing to do. So called great leaders around the world see their followers as blind and regular people and ask: "How can you serve me?". But true leaders respect and love their followers and ask: "How can I serve you?"

Without trying to make this a religious subject, since I'm not associated to any religion, I would like to take your attention to the most influential leader of all times. A leader that has truly changed the world and lives of millions of people: Jesus Christ. Jesus leadership model was to serve (Mark 10:45). This means leading by example and involves a great deal of patience and love for your followers. The Servant Leadership could be a leadership paradox for many, but I think the following article sheds some light on the subject.


What's your leadership model?

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