Hack your lost Windows passwords

A lost password... It has happen to us all.

From Windows NT 3.51, NT 4 (all versions and SPs), Windows 2000 (all versions & SPs), Windows XP (all versions, also SP2 and SP3), Windows Server 2003 (all SPs) to Vindows Vista 32 and 64 bit... the drama of the lost password still haunts our lives.

Now I give you the top tool you need to hack your lost windows password in 60 seconds and recover your sanity.

1. Unzip and burn this iso into a CD
2. Insert the CD into the machine that you want to hack
3. Let it boot! (If it doesn't boot check if your BIOS supports CD Boot)
4. Follow the tool steps (hit enter to choose the default answer) until step 3
5. Choose "1 - Edit user data and passwords"
6. Enter the name of the account you want to hack
7. Choose "1 - Clear (blank) user password"
8. If it's locked choose "4 - Unlock and enable user account"

TOOL: ntpasswd

NOTE: I recommend reading the great walkthrough

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