Top 5 Tools to know your audience

When you build a product, a service, a blog or a presentation you should be thinking in the persons who will buy the product, use your service, read your blog or see your presentation.

They are your audience!

To maximize your chances of success you should know who your audience is.

Knowing your audience enables you to provide them with something of great value, like:

  • the product that solves the problem that your audience always complains about;
  • the service that provides them peace of mind;

  • the blog that gives them the information that they need;

  • the presentation that shows them what they need to do to succeed.

Show them the benefits of what you have to offer. Show them the WIIFY!

In this article I'm going to show you the tools that you can use to know and understand your audience. So without further ado, here's your Top 5 tools for knowing your audience!

1. Google Analytics

This tool is a must have. With Google Analytics you can access an extensive array of statistics of your site, including information about who visits your site, how and why do they end up in your site.

But how can you leverage this information? Focus on these points:
  • Time on Site - This statistic can tell you how well your content is received by your audience. Do they stay long enough to really understand your message or do they stay only for a few seconds? If that's the case, maybe you can try to deliver a more direct high-impact message focused on their WIIFY and leverage the time they spent on your site. This point also links to...
  • Bounce Rate - Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. A high bounce rate on a page indicates that your visitors don't spend much time on that page. Maybe it's time to try another shot on the way that you're trying to deliver your message.

  • Browser and OS capabilities - If you notice that your audience is using other browser and OS other than IE7 and Windows, that could indicate that your audience is technologycal oriented. You should design your content to meet the audience needs and expectations.

  • Search Engines Keywords - These show what were the keywords that led the visitors to your site. These show the subjects or areas of interest that you have visibility. You should leverage this oportunity and produce content that meets the search keywords.
Surely, there are more data that Google Analytics provides but I leave those for you to discover.

2. Quantcast

This site can produce an estimate of your audience's demographics. It can tell you if your audience appeals more to males of females.

It can tell what other sites similar to yours your audience visit, i.e. it shows your competition. You can learn from their mistakes and strengths.

It also provides you with an estimate of the household income of your audience.

3. Google trends

The Google trends site shows you how popular is a keyword during a timeframe. You can even compare several keywords.

Google Trends also tells you what are the countries and regions that are most interested in the keywords that you've searched.

Use Google Trends to know if there is an audience for a certain subject. And if there is a market use it to know how you can address them effectively.

4. Microsoft AdCenter Labs

Microsot AdCenter labs also gives you an estimate of your audience demographics based on a url or keywords. The statistics are not as rich as Google's but it gives you more data to analyse.

5. LinkVendor

LinkVendor can tell you if your site is designed to be found by your audience.

It provides a site analysis with page rank statistics from the top search engines. It also measures your keyword density and position.

The number of backlinks and link value is also delivered in form of simple graphics.

It's a nice tool to have and it's very simple to use.

Conclusion: use these tools to know who your audience is.

Don't forget that you can always use a simple tool like a survey to ask them how you can provide a better service.

Discover their WIIFY and how you can deliver them something of great value, persuade them
and change the World!

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